Elteria Adventures continues development in spite of half the team ‘hiding in bombshelters’ in Ukraine


It’s been almost a year since we poked our noses into multiplayer voxelbox Elteria Adventures, which readers will recall evoked Landmark with its release into open alpha on Steam last summer. MMO blogger Bhagpuss, who kindly tipped this news to us, returned the game recently and determined that he had made a mistake in writing off its alpha last year as the game has seen significant development in the ensuing months. The pigs and skeletons hungry to feed on his character likely agreed. (It sounds like a fairly punishing sandbox in practice.)

The most recent of the updates came in March – along with some scary news for the team, some of which is apparently in Ukraine. “Despite this difficult time, when half of our team is hiding in bombshelters, and another half is doing everything to help, we still decided to fulfill our promise and release this update in time,” the team wrote two months ago under a massive “We stand with Ukraine” banner.

That update, joined by the update at the tail end of March, added new abilities for mobs and bow users, new sidekicks, a private island expansion, a new achievement system, improved mob AI, tweaks for the battle and building systems, and a “massive rework” of landscape generation.

Alpha requests are easily made through Steam if you’re angling to check this one out before it launches.

Source: Steam. With thanks to Bhagpuss!
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