Profane shares another development roadmap update, announces it’s ‘very close’ to a community combat test


It’s time for another pair of Twitter update threads from Profane! First off, we have the April roadmap update, which notes that network architecture and game access are both ready to test, skills and abilities are in early development, crafting workstations are incoming, and the spawner system that makes the game’s world “feel alive and dynamic” is in its final stage before coming to the game’s alpha.

On the subject of test builds, another thread announces an impending combat test with the game’s community. Timing on this test is still not tied down, but more details – including how players can sign up – will be announced next week, while the test itself is “very close.” In the meantime, the devs have shared some internal screenshots in a Twitter video (instead of on the YouTube channel, go figure), which can be seen below.

source: Twitter (1, 2)
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