Dual Universe is bringing voxel shape customization and shipwrecks in the Panacea update


The close of last year saw Dual Universe mention that details of the voxelbox’s next update would be shared in January. True to its word, Novaquark has offered up those preliminary details of what is being called the Panacea update.

One of the highlights for the update is the introduction of a “vertex precision tool” that lets players customize a placed voxel block into any number of distinctive shapes and space shipwrecks that offer opportunities for salvage, mission creation, or commerce. The update will also bring camera LUA updates and UI changes for character talents and RDMS.

The post further notes that this upcoming release represents a renewed dedication to taking player feedback into consideration. “In reflecting on the aftermath of the Demeter release, we recognized that we fell short in this area,” the post admits. “We read your feedback but did not make the adjustments we could and should have. We pledge to be better about working hand-in-hand with the community by implementing a plan to increase two-way communication and making some important tweaks and balancing to the game that will address some of the pain points as much as we’re able.”

Further details of the Panacea update will be shared in separate dev blogs. For now, the post shows off the most recent roadmap, while the vertex precision tool is demonstrated in the video below.

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