Dual Universe briefly outlines more Lua changes and teases a new update and roadmap


The developers of Dual Universe are about to head off for a holiday break, but before they do, they put down a quick newsletter update to whet fans’ appetites for the various things that are planned to arrive to the sandbox.

One of the focal points of the newsletter was additional Lua language improvements to the game, with a particular focus on a Camera Lua API and the Lua API for the mining unit. Both of these, along with additional minor Lua improvements, are set to arrive sometime in January.

The newsletter otherwise offers a few brief hints of other things set to be revealed in January, including an updated roadmap and the reveal of DU’s next major update, which will come with the usual lineup of dev blogs. For now, developer Novaquark is mostly heading home save for “hamster wranglers and other key staff” to keep the game humming.

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