Skyforge celebrates the winter season with ice skating, khelp hunting, and creepy gingerbread outfits


You’d think that dressing up as a gingerbread cookie would be cute and endearing, but the cosmetic that’s been introduced to Skyforge in the game’s Winter Celebration event has moved into a horrifying amalgamation of creepy clown, vapid-eyed Pop figure, and horror-themed mascot suit. It’s unnerving.

If you can get past the cookies of fear, there’s lots to do in the event, such as an ice skating race track, presents to open every day under the Holiday Tree, and assaults against invading khelps that involve using snowballs as weapons. The event has a wide host of cosmetic rewards, stimulant rewards, currencies, and an ice dragon mount that will become available on PC tomorrow and on console the following Wednedsay, December 23rd.

The event itself runs between now and Saturday, January 8th, which means we’ve all got at least a couple of weeks’ worth of staring at creepy cookie outfits.

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