Dark Age of Camelot’s Midwinter Festival brings realm bonuses, Christmas cosmetics, and seasonal quests

As of last week, Dark Age of Camelot got deep in to the holiday spirit with the start of its Midwinter Festival, bringing plenty...

Christmas and winter holiday events across the MMORPG genre, 2021 edition

We're knee-deep in holiday gifts and winter events around MMO world right about now as Christmas and then the New Year is bearing down...

SoulWorker kicks off several Christmas events and plans to hand out free goodies for new and returning players

'Tis the season in the anime MMO SoulWorker to kick off holiday events and hand out free stuff to players new and old. The...

Skyforge celebrates the winter season with ice skating, khelp hunting, and creepy gingerbread outfits

You'd think that dressing up as a gingerbread cookie would be cute and endearing, but the cosmetic that's been introduced to Skyforge in the...

Secret World Legends brings the Krampusnacht seasonal holiday back for another year

Tradition is well and good, but in the case of the Krampusnacht holiday event's return for another year in Secret World Legends, it's hard...

Atlas considers PvP server merging, ARK adds a free map and heralds the return of RaptorClaus

This news story bundles a tale of two multiplayer survival sandboxes from the same general studio: ARK: Survival Evolved and Atlas. We'll start with...

Dauntless gets seasonal with the return of Frostfall, reworks the frigid Embermane variant, and adds a new cell perk

The winter season has once again come to the world of Dauntless, and while there are hunting grounds that are already coated in snow,...

Closers adds a new area with new story and dungeons, kicks off its ‘Closer-mas’ holiday event

it's a tale of two updates in the action MMO Closers; one of a content update with new things for high-level players to experience,...

Fortnite’s Winterfest 2021 brings player-made maps and a Spider-Man crossover

The time to celebrate Wintefest in Fortnite is back once again, and this year's event continues to lean in on this game's massive melting...

The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off its holiday festivities with today’s New Life event

The winter season has landed in The Elder Scrolls Online as the New Life festival that was detailed earlier this week has now officially...