Dark Age of Camelot’s Midwinter Festival brings realm bonuses, Christmas cosmetics, and seasonal quests


As of last week, Dark Age of Camelot got deep in to the holiday spirit with the start of its Midwinter Festival, bringing plenty of goodies for players of the MMORPG, even if they’re not directly taking part of the event; all across the game, realms are seeing bonuses to XP, RP, crafting speed, and crafting skill earnings.

The event itself is open to characters that are level 50 and above can take part in a wide variety of quests at the festival grounds to earn different types of Christmas trees, while things like vanity pets and Midwinter cosmetics can be purchased in the event shop. Players can also fight Jack Frost in the Frozen Caverns event and get free goodies every day for the next twelve days just for logging in.

All of the festive fun runs between now and Tuesday, January 11th. Players who are looking to take part can check all of the salient details here.

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