Fortnite’s Winterfest 2021 brings player-made maps and a Spider-Man crossover


The time to celebrate Wintefest in Fortnite is back once again, and this year’s event continues to lean in on this game’s massive melting pot of pop culture and personal fiction while also decking its various halls..

The seasonal event is chock-full of rewards that players can get for doing things like visiting the re-opened Winterfest Lodge and gathering gifts, completing 14 days’ worth of objectives, and playing at least two hours in maps and modes crafted by players in the game’s Winter Callout contest. Rewards include unique Isabelle and Peely skins, snowboard-shaped gliders, and new sprays, emotes, and banners. The game is also bringing seasonal weapons back to the game like snowball launchers and sneaky snowman stealth items.

As for the whole pop culture reference portion, Fortnite’s shop features skins of Spider-Man and MJ from the Spider-Man: No Way Home film, just in case you wanted to dress up your battle royale avatar as Tom Holland and Zendaya respectively. The game’s cash shop is also promising additional outfits inspired by community artists and returning wintry looks. The celebration runs between now and Thursday, January 6th.

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