Closers adds a new area with new story and dungeons, kicks off its ‘Closer-mas’ holiday event


it’s a tale of two updates in the action MMO Closers; one of a content update with new things for high-level players to experience, and one where the Christmas season descends on the world wearing adorable holiday outfits.

In terms of content, players can experience Centum City Chapter 1, which opens up the titular Centum City area that promises new story quests, five new dungeons, a new boss fight, and new epic gear and crafted gear. The patch is also holding a dungeon clear event between now and January 12th that rewards goodies depending on how many dungeons players can complete.

As for the holiday event, the so-called “Closer-mas” festivities that started today include login rewards, a treasure hunt event that offers seasonal currency for clearing targeted dungeons that can be spent on holiday cosmetics, and some special sale events happening in the in-game store. Closer-mas runs from now until January 12th, while the store promotion will run until December 29th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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