Runes of Magic showers players with Christmas treats

Maybe we can get her some proper clothes so she doesn't die in the snow?


It’s Christmastime in Runes of Magic’s Taborea, and that means that there’s a little bit of extra winter magic to enjoy.

The studio is running a different boosting event every week, from increased drop rates to more experience. Additionally, players can craft a bound experience orb and trade in some Moas Cores for holiday goodies at the special Xmas trader.

At the very least, it’s worth logging in to every day later this month for a string of goodies: “Over the Christmas season, Santa and his helpers will send you letters containing little gifts! Don’t miss out on any of these cool deliveries. There’s a surprise in store for you every day between December 20th and January 1st, 2022, and you can look forward to various useful items to help you on your adventures.”

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