Minecraft-powered MMORPG Wynncraft enters open beta for its 2.0 update before its full release


It’s been five years since we peered in on Wynncraft, the MMORPG that runs on Minecraft (just in case any of the other voxelbox MMOs don’t strike your fancy for some reason). At the time of that report, there wasn’t much new for genre fans to experience, with the game promising questing, looting, leveling up, dungeon delving, and other trappings of MMORPGs but with Minecraft as its beating heart.

A quick check-in shows that Wynncraft is now on the cusp of releasing its big 2.0 update as the title’s creator has opened up beta testing for all. This final test is noted as the last one before 2.0 releases, which will introduce an ability tree, a greater number of class upgrades, a new raid, a reworking of the combat system, and improvements to various quests and items.

Those who are interested in joining in on the test have to connect to a specific IP address shared in the announcement. There’s no additional game to buy; all that’s needed is a copy of Minecraft and a desire to play a boxy wizard.

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