Trove’s Snowfest includes new questline, dungeons, and a winter bomber royal mode


Snowfest is on in Gamigo’s voxelbox Trove this week through December 28th, simultaneously on PC and console. Players can get to the Hub and start the festivities with Elfsly to snag the new mount or wander off into the world to dive into the new themed tree dungeons.

“Use the fervor of the most festive of moods to find gifts and donate resources to get cool new rewards, like two new skins, a new magrider, and a new mount,” the studio says. “Check out the wintery questlines and collections to receive some icy rewards. Keep spirits high by crafting the warmest of banners which will help you spawn up to three different gifts.”

It also looks as if Bomber Royal is getting a bit of love for the season.

“And those seeking a bit of cheeky fun should definitely join our Bomber Royal Winter Edition Mode, the fast paced and quick snowball fight. Show off your pitching skills and shower friends and other Trovians in snow.”

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