Lost Ark’s Cool Retreat update next week boasts solo raids and swimwear skins


This week’s Eye on Arkesia may begin with a recap of what Lost Ark did in June, but the real focus of the video is on July – specifically, what players can expect out of the game in next week’s Cool Retreat update.

The core of the update is the introduction of solo raids. “Players will be able to use solo mode to play everything from the Valtan Legion Raid all the way through the Abyssal Dungeon (the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon), and the rewards will be slightly adjusted” – by this, CM Roxx means less than you’d get in a big group, but still something for your time and effort. “They’ll give you a little bit less gold, but you’ll still be able to earn all sorts of progression materials that will help you progress through the game even as a solo player. It will also include special effects to help different classes, like supports, so you won’t have too hard a time getting through it if you’re just a Bard taking on Valtan.”

The update also includes the after story for Echidna, a revamp of the elixir and transcendence systems, and the tier 3 support boost to 1580, accompanied by engraving support and price slashing for upgrades. Very importantly, Roxx assures western players that they’ll finally be getting the swimwear skins already live in the Korean version of the game. Priorities, people.

Finally, Roxx promises the next big roadmap coming at the end of the month, so stay tuned!

Source: YouTube
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