Lost Ark maps out new raids, continent, and progression systems coming through July 2024


If you can believe it, we’re almost a third of the way into 2024, which means we’re due for more roadmaps out of Amazon – including roadmaps for Lost Ark’s next quarter of content.

According to the studio, May will see the wind-down of the Thaemine chapter with an epilogue quest, Shadow of the Moon, to cap off the storyline, along with the Hunumatan trial guardian raid, the Cruel Toy Castle Island adventure island, six new stories for Music Box of Memories, quality-of-life updates for strongholds, the first chunk of the Kurzan prelude event aka Chaos Assault, and ’80s and ’90s anime cosmetics exclusive to western players.

“We conducted some research, and found that a significant number of our players really like anime,” says the studio. Indeed!

June will continue the Chaos Assault content, add the South Kurzan continent for players with IL 1580, open the Kazeros raid, and institute a new progression system called advanced honing, which allows players to upgrade their gear through Ladon raid mats.

Finally, while the July plan isn’t fully fleshed out just yet, we do know it won’t include “major content pieces,” so far, it’ll play host to the Maharaka festival.

Source: Official site, press release
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