Black Desert Mobile kicks off a return campaign with a special catch-up server and boosting events


Has it been a dog’s age since you peered into Black Desert Mobile? Are you a bit gun shy about coming back because there’s a lot of leveling and progression ahead of you? Then the return campaign that Pearl Abyss is running is just for you, as it offers lapsed players opportunities to catch up and gear up. Or you could take advantage of certain goodies if you’re a new player, too; we’re not your parents.

The marquee attraction for this campaign is the opening of an Oasis catch-up server between now and April 30th, which boosts character leveling by five times and hands out rewards that improve abilities. Returning players also have the ability to roll a character on the server that mirrors a previous character’s combat power and earn a 100% return on previously purchased black pearls.

The campaign also features several events like giveaways, contests, and surveys that reward things like black pearls, boost items, and titles. As for the latest patch, that features some quality-of-life updates related to character progression as well, with new shadow gear that will always upgrade successfully, the ability to craft a +7 rift totem chest, and two free Okiara’s Blessing protective charms. Overall, there appear to be lots of reasons to come back.

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