New World’s Season of the Guardian launches April 2, server merges begin next week


The delay is over – or it will be in April, anyway – as Amazon has finally announced a new date for New World’s Season of the Guardian.

“Season of the Guardian will release on Tuesday, April 2,” the studio posted Friday night. “Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to resolve issues based on PTR feedback and work together towards even more enjoyable experiences in Aeternum. You can also look forward to the full release notes at the end of next week.”

The release was originally meant to roll out last week, but on March 7th, the company told players it needed to delay specifically for “fine tuning” of the upgraded combat and animation systems – better known as Slayer Script. The new date will mean a delay of three weeks.

In other New World news, Amazon announced on Discord tonight that it’s planning another round of server merges – we count seven servers merging into five others, chiefly in Europe, though there are a few in the US too. Tonight’s server restart will kick off the process, then expect the full merges on March 27th.

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