Tower of Fantasy announces a round of server merges coming on April 17


When Tower of Fantasy was spooling up hype for its upcoming 2.4 update, one of the features that was heralded by developer Hotta Studio was the addition of two special servers. The announcement caused a minor uproar among fans who complained that the game had too few players spread across too many servers already, which in turn prompted a reveal of upcoming server merges. Those merges have now gotten extra details, including a start date of Monday, April 17th.

The merges in question look to be pretty sizeable, as all five regions the game operates in will have multiple servers smooshed into one, including six in North America, 10 in South America, nine in Southeast Asia, and seven in Europe – a significant reduction when compared to the current server list.

Players won’t need to do anything special to prepare for these merges, but the devs are suggesting that players log out 15 minutes before the start of maintenance on the appointed date and asks players not to make any purchases five minutes before maintenance begins. Additionally, players will be granted 300 dark crystals provided their character has reached level six before the merges begin. Regular players would do well to check the merge lists to see if they’re affected.

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