Two weeks into early access, Kickstarted survivalbox Fractured Veil patches up and merges servers


While server merges are sometimes necessary and healthy, they’re not the best optics when they happen mere weeks after a game’s early access release. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Fractured Veil, the post-apocalyptic survival title set in a zombie-overrun Hawaii. Launched on January 25th, the game announced that already is merging realms as of February 7th.

“We’re consolidating servers Feb 7th,” the studio reported. “Some US East Servers will be disabled — keeping US East 1, 2, and 3! All the other servers will remain. If you’re playing on any US East servers above 3, your character and progress will be moved to another server after the migration.”

Players who get stuck on an undesired server during this process can use “Veil Travel” in the game to pay for a transfer to another realm.

This week, the team also released its first patch, though it’s primarily QOL, bug fixes, and stability adjustments.

Source: Twitter
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