ArcheAge’s latest ‘server evolution’ process is underway


Yesterday, ArcheAge began the process of “server evolution,” which is the name Trion Worlds has given to what is essentially a mass server merge that aims to help balance out the game’s population. The servers will be down for the next 48 hours, during which time the number of servers will be winnowed down from eight NA servers and six EU servers to three servers for each region.

After servers come back up on October 18th, players will have a couple of days to get their proverbial houses in order before the Land Rush begins on October 20th, at which point they’ll be able to get their in-game houses in order as well. Not long after that, the game’s 5.0 update will be going live, tentatively slated for the 23rd for EU servers and the 24th for NA servers.

If the idea of going a full two days without getting your ArcheAge fix is unfathomable to you, the PTS is open and will remain so for the duration of the server evolution process. And if you just want to know the nitty-gritty details of how your housing, guilds, and nations will be affected by the merges, you can check out the in-depth FAQ over on the game’s official forums.

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