Tower of Fantasy’s July 25 and 26 server merges will condense players into their respective individual regions


Tower of Fantasy has completed server merges plenty of times before, but the shared world RPG’s next one is going to be what we like to call in the business “a biggun,” as servers are soon going to be merged together based on their region. And yes, “biggun” is absolutely an industry term, and I’ll thank you not to look that up.

“Observing the positive effects of these [previous] merges, we are now focused on providing an even better interactive gaming experience,” Tencent’s Hotta Studio reasons. “With this change, Wanderers will no longer need to transfer servers to enjoy gaming with friends within the same region.”

The announcement also confirms that server optimizations and longer queue lines will be applied to account for the population shift in each region. Additionally, those who have already used tanium to complete server transfers since July 1st will see the resource refunded, while those who used free transfer coupons will not get their grant back, and everyone will get 100 dark crystals for each hour of maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, the merges themselves will begin tomorrow, July 25th, and occur through Wednesday, July 26th, starting with EU servers and moving down through each of the five regions the game is playable in. For NA players, that means merging happens at 10:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 26th, until approximately 11:00 a.m. EDT the following morning, though server openings for all regions may be earlier or later. Until then, the online RPG is celebrating its first anniversary with a creation event until August 1st.

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