Valheim shares an update on the terrain generation of its Ashlands biome


A place known as the Ashlands probably has a distinct visual style to it, not only in terms of texture but also the terrain. That’s the challenge being outlined by Valheim’s latest dev blog, which takes a closer look at how its terrain generation tech is coming along for the bleak and burned-out biome.

One of the first challenges for the game’s automatic map generation is to ensure that an Ashlands biome never borders anything other than the sea, which incidentally means that players looking to travel there will have to prepare for a gnarly sea voyage. Iron Gate also discussed efforts to ensure an Ashlands biome’s topography was unlike those found in other biomes. Finally, the post provides a look at some of the lava landscapes and ash-covered areas that will greet visitors. Assuming one equates blasted and charred fields with a greeting, anyway.

The only thing that’s not specified in this latest peek is a timeline for when the Ashlands will arrive, as the studio seems content to point players in the direction of last week’s Hildir’s Request update; for those who would rather visit a volcanic land of the dead, you’ve got yet another small preview to tide you over.

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