Valheim releases Hildir’s Request update and hard mode speedrunning competition


Vikings were a hard people and Valheim can be a hard game… but it could always be harder. Now that option is finally available for players, along with the option to conversely ease the pain, with the launch of the Hildir’s Request update – a content patch that readers will recall has been in the making as far back as this past January.

In short, this new content update adds the titular vendor Hildir and her requests that players can complete to unlock new clothing and base items that can be purchased with gold. The patch also introduces new areas, two new crafting table extensions, additional hair and beard options, and server modifier optionss that let players tune the game’s difficulty as they see fit.

That difficulty slider option is further being celebrated with the Trial of Tyr, a speedrun competition that challenges players to defeat every boss in the game in the survivalbox’s hard mode preset by themselves, without suffering any defeats and in the fastest time possible. The competition is on between now and September 5th, and will be verified only if players follow very specific instructions.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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