Embers Adrift readies a hunting log for bloodthirsty grinders


In a new developer video, Embers Adrift teased players with a new feature coming to the game soon: the hunting log. When this goes live, the game will begin to track how many of each type of creature you kill, granting you some cosmetic, title, and statistic rewards when you hit certain thresholds. The studio sees it as a way to feed the completionist nature in some of us.

The example was given of players fighting crocodiles, where killing enough of them will give a crocodile-related title and a bonus fighting those types of mobs. Unfortunately, the studio won’t be able to count kills that were done before this feature went live.

Embers Adrift’s team is also working on combat improvements to make fighting “smoother, more responsive, a little bit more interesting” while laying the foundation for future content.

Source: YouTube
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