Valheim previews its next in-development biome and a cosmetics-centric Hildir’s Quest update


With the Mistlands update out in the wilds of Valheim, the devs at Iron Gate are turning their attentions to the survival sandbox’s next biome, a volcanic land of the dead known as the Ashlands.

According to the dev blog, this new area is currently in the pre-production phase, but this time around players can expect more peeks into what’s coming instead of the more secretive drips of detail that preceded the Mistlands launch, starting off with a couple of new monster concepts. The post also notes that these previews may not all make it into the game, but the team wants to give this more communicative avenue a shot.

For those who are concerned that this will mean another long drought of content – remember that the Mistlands update was first previewed in February 2022 and didn’t come out until last month – the devs are promising that there will be “some fun things planned” between now and then, including the creation of something called Hildir’s Quest. This update is still taking shape, but it will offer players a new quest featuring the titular NPC, some spiffy new clothes, and a way for players to re-style their existing character’s hair.

Other planned updates for the survivalbox include some new difficulty settings, some additional accessibility features for those who have disabilities that impede them from enjoying the game, and the upcoming Xbox release with subsequent crossplay features.

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