server merge

New World is handing out more free server transfer tokens to players today

Today marks another important date for New World players, specifically those who have been looking to shift one of their characters to a new...

New World announces new server merge for February 8, confirms more merges coming soon

In the middle of December, New World announced that it would be merging servers for various global regions, though some would be later than...
Specter of fun.

Elyon details February server merge, patches in Lunar New Year event and season pass

When the server merge happens for Elyon on February 16th, there are oh so many reasons why your character might be deleted. Do you have...

EverQuest II is merging its Rivervale heroic server in January

If you're an EverQuest II player with a character on the Rivervale server, it's time to start packing your bags. Daybreak and Darkpaw announced...
Hold up, losing my balance.

The Daily Grind: Do server merges make you worried or happy for an MMO?

All right, let's start with what seems to be a pretty clear statement: The easier it is for people to play together and not...

New World merges several servers across the globe

Following the extreme expansion of New World's server count just after launch is the expected contraction. Amazon just concluded a series of server merges...

ArcheAge Unchained links up former fresh start servers’ PvP, auction halls, and more

As we all know, that "fresh character" smell can't last forever -- and neither can a fresh start server. ArcheAge is famous for rolling...

MU Online announces a server merge and an event to celebrate the occasion

Most of the time a server merge is cause for concern, but for MU Online, it's cause for a party! Two of the game's...
Pack it in.

Legends of Aria details the process of moving house to the new merged Ethereal Moon server

Ready to pack it in and move servers in Legends of Aria? The new Ethereal Moon server beckons all players, but for players with houses...
Bear with us!

Legends of Aria is merging Azure Sky and Verdant Earth today

The Azure Sky and Verdant Earth server clusters of Legends of Aria are merging today, as was promised at the end of August. The new...

PlanetSide 2 will merge the Australian server with the Japanese server on August 27

If you happen to be an Aussie who likes to play PlanetSide 2, listen up: Your regional server is about to be merged and...

SoulWorker offers increased XP and item drops after a rocky EU server merge

So the EU server merge -- excuse me, server fusion -- that we reported on this past July has come and gone. Unfortunately, it...

SoulWorker is merging all European servers into one shard

There's a bit of a joke in the Massively OP office about how studios keep trying to top each other in coming up with...

Mabinogi prepares to merge four servers down to two on June 3

If you're a player in Nexon's long-running MMO sandbox Mabinogi, you're going to want to hear what the company is planning for the game's...
Find the path.

RIFT to merge European servers and kill open PvP shard

Scooch over and make room, RIFT European players, because you're about to have company. Gamigo announced on Friday that it will be merging several of...
Too bad, so sad.

EverQuest II is merging its Fallen Gate progression server to its live Antonia Bayle server

It'll soon be time for EverQuest II players to bid farewell to the Fallen Gate server. As a time-locked expansion server it offered players a...
We're legends! Maybe.

Blade & Soul’s Legends Reborn is live today as NCsoft merges western servers down to two

It's time to be legendary in Blade and Soul, or at least adjacent to the rebirth of legends. Or something like that, as the...

Rend merges servers as new patch introduces control-point revamps

The servers for Norse-flavored survival game Rend are going to be down for a little bit today so that the devs can deploy the...

Closers will merge its NA and EU servers into a single world server on January 29

This month, anime-action MMO Closers will be bringing continents together as it merges its NA and EU servers into a single worldwide server in...

ArcheAge’s latest ‘server evolution’ process is underway

Yesterday, ArcheAge began the process of "server evolution," which is the name Trion Worlds has given to what is essentially a mass server merge...