EverQuest II is merging its Fallen Gate progression server to its live Antonia Bayle server

Too bad, so sad.

It’ll soon be time for EverQuest II players to bid farewell to the Fallen Gate server. As a time-locked expansion server it offered players a different approach to playing the game, but the Daybreak has announced that the server will be merged with the live server Antonia Bayle on June 5th. All characters on the server will be granted a free transfer token as of today, so if you’d like to have more control over where your characters wind up, you’ll get it.

The usual FAQ about the exact mechanics of server merges is in place as well; name conflicts for both characters and guilds will be sorted on the basis of the older character or guild (so long as both characters in question have logged in within the past 60 days). We can only hope that fans of the time-locked progression servers have gotten in all the adventures they wanted before the closure.

Meanwhile, in the real world fans of the franchise can stop into a special EverQuest-themed exhibit at the Comic-Con museum in San Diego on April 27th and 28th. It’s a different sort of trip down memory lane.

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Henrik Boriths

They know their own game dipped past SF and they take advantage of hardcore fans that are willing to put up with rerolling every 2nd year on a new TLE with a new gimmick.

They can then offer OP items that are obtained through new expansions on LIVE servers and these exploration packs for that only work for one server.

Its a genius buisness model and eq2 players (me included) apparently wants to be taken advantage of.

If you looked over EQ2 server status the last 1½ month kaladim is the only server that have had above a medium population. Nagafan currently tops out at 67 players during prime time and it looks like all their live servers have almost no players at all.

Sarah Cushaway

I’m curious–where can one see server numbers? I’d like to check AB’s population, as that’s my “home” server.


You can see there but they dont give exact numbers

Bruno Brito

According to Pana’s link: Everything is Low, Kaladim is High.


Considering Kaladim only went live a month ago, thats a bit of a kick to the crotch for those die-hards that said they were going to stick it out on Fallen Gate.
… Unless that timeline was what was given (pretty sure it wasn’t though).

I’m playing Kaladim myself currently. It will be the last TLP I play with this company. The work they put into itemization just didnt cut it.