Leaderboard: Where do you stand on the ‘secret’ City of Heroes emulator?


Last night, we covered the emerging scandal in the City of Heroes community and broke the confirmation that yes, there is in fact a long-running but secret City of Heroes emulator, with your old characters, and no, you probably weren’t invited, as the showrunners were making a concerted effort to keep it under NDA to avoid NCsoft’s infamous wrath. There’s obviously a lot more to it than that, so I urge you to read the entirety of our article from last night, including direct quotes from the leader of the SCORE team working on the project.

But when I got up this morning, I saw our comments, inboxes, and Reddit pages were absolutely filled with hurt and betrayal, way more potent than was displayed on Facebook before I went to bed. You guys, there are people emailing me their bona fides hoping I’ll pass them along to SCORE. People are begging to get onto this server. “What do I tell my dad?” one Redditor asked. Folks are appealing to game preservation too. The sheer anger over it all is palpable as people lash out at and doxx each other (and even upbraid us for publishing an account of what’s going on).

Shining through it all is this is this sense that… it’s out now, so let us in. Release the code! If this community is so great, to paraphrase one poster, why are some people still eating steak while everyone else goes hungry? Especially when they say they were going to open it up eventually anyway?

Where do you stand on the “secret” City of Heroes emulator? What should be done?

To be clear, we are not encouraging illegal activity and advise everyone involved to consider their actions carefully.

Where do you stand on the 'secret' City of Heroes emulator? What should be done?

  • Just let everyone in. It's time. (24%, 1,000 Votes)
  • Release the code, as they say. Let someone else have a crack at it. (40%, 1,688 Votes)
  • Just host in a country where NCsoft can't touch it like other emus do. (17%, 692 Votes)
  • Switch efforts to SEGS, which is now operating in the open. (4%, 163 Votes)
  • Switch efforts to Paragon Chat. (1%, 23 Votes)
  • Switch efforts to one of the spiritual successors. (1%, 60 Votes)
  • Shut it all down. Nobody should get to play. (2%, 64 Votes)
  • Go back into hiding and continue gradual invites. (4%, 165 Votes)
  • Everyone already playing it should quit. (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Even if they let us in, we shouldn't play on principle. (1%, 38 Votes)
  • Move on to another game entirely. (2%, 63 Votes)
  • Something else - tell us in the comments. (1%, 29 Votes)
  • No opinion / view tally / catgirl butts (4%, 165 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,704

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Complete rundown on the entire City of Heroes SCORE mess so far:


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Heh – found this in a credits.txt file in one of the dumps.

Release the code, as they say. Let someone else have a crack at it. (42%, 1,497 Votes)

Leaderboard: Where do you stand on the ‘secret’ City of Heroes emulator?

Enjoy your pageviews, Bree :)

Leandro Pardini

Remember, everybody, change.org petitions got nothing on Massively polls.


Not when the right people are looking. Thank you for listening.


The source code is out.

We’ve won boys.

Trigan's Fun & Games

I have been very upset about the way Leandro and his team have been treated by some members of this community. They have done the best they could do under extremely difficult circumstances and for all any of us knows we would have made the exact same decisions if we had been in their shoes.

I wish as much as anyone that I had been invited to the server but I also understand that secrecy was their ONLY protection against civil and possibly criminal legal troubles. Now the cat is out of the bag and I pray for the safety of Leo and his team.

Leo, if you’re reading this, do what you need to do to stay safe.

Kurt Bauer

Some people should have reflected a bit and had an off-screen rant before posting online. Yes, I’ll agree, I was annoyed at first to hear about the “secret server” and not getting an invite, but was somewhat pleased to know that some of my content lived on without NC Soft interference. My wife and I played from issue 2 in 2004 until the end in 2012. We were very active on Infinity server and led a lot of TFs and Hami Raids. While it’s true we still miss the community several years later, we have the memories and hope that somewhere and and some time, our content can be made available to us again. Given how NCSoft had responded to the Tabula Rasa reincarnation and other fan-based drives to keep content running, I’m glad that they didn’t stop the echo of what we had for several years. If the reverse engineers hadn’t done what they did, all the original content that we created would have been gone…permanently.

Signed Goddess Grace and Persaea.


I have watched the free-for-all since the I heard the news on Monday night, and have been reading about the debate across Massively, COH survivors, and the Titan Network. I was a die-hard COH/COV player, playing from about issue 2 on, and by the time the game sunsetted, had almost 50 lvl 50 characters. A week doesn’t go by that I don’t have dreams about the game, and there have been times I have woken almost in tears, realizing it was just a dream, and the game wasn’t somehow back against all odds.

I stopped playing just before the game was closed, and to this day regret never being able to play some of the newer power-sets, like darkness control, time manipulation, or titan weapons. As long as I live, I will never again give a dollar to NCSoft for shuttering the game the way they did, instead of somehow putting it into maintenance mode. All of this could have been avoided if NCSoft had just let us all have our game we loved in maintenance mode, since they truly never really cared about the game as anything but a tax write-off.

For the past few years, I have lurked the forums on Titan and reddit almost daily, hoping against hope for word that the game was back, and somehow the Hail Mary TF had succeeded somehow in bringing back COH. I have followed SEG’s progress, and even at optimistically a year away from being playable, it seems so far away, as do the successor’s SOH and COT. I’ll play both of those games when they launch, but they will never be COH, and neither will SEG’s, as they will have to purge anything IP related. I was resigned to never again flying onto Atlas, never flying through the donut in Faultline, or joining a Hami team. I even still fiddle around with build’s in MIDs’ after all this time, in case I ever had a chance to play again. The last thing I did on the day the game closed was finish off my Dreck mission, which I had left unfinished for years.

As such my feelings are…complicated. The reaction of much of the fan-base in disgusting. As angry as former players might be at Leandro or TonyV, the threats against them and doxxing are un-defendable. There has been so much unsubstantiated finger-pointing and conspiracy theorizing without any proof. A lot of former players are angry (some feeling entitled), in my opinion because we were jealous. “I loved the game as much as they did. Why did they get to play in their secret club, and I didn’t?” I admit I fall into that jealous category. I would give anything to play the game again. Am I jealous others got to play for years and I didn’t? Yes. But I am an adult, and not an anonymous internet troll, who behind the cloak of anonymity feel that can do or say whatever they want.

What has happened has happened. The news has broken, and as they say Pandora’s box has been opened. Being angry at this point and pointing fingers will do nothing but destroy the community further and drive the SCORE team further underground. There is a working COH server, that has an issue 24.5 image, new content, our old characters, new AT’s, and possibly even new zones like Khaleesi Wharf.

Leandro has stated that he is watching the poll results, and deciding what he will do. He made the decision to keep the private server secret, based on factors we are not privy to, such as how he got things up and running, and possible ramifications of this coming out into the open. It’s not my place to second-guess the decision he made, but the circumstances have now changed. The cat is out of the bag. Let’s all band together instead or tearing our community apart, in the hope of Leandro opening up the game to all of us, or to distributing the code and character database so we all have a chance to play again someday. Other’s are watching and disgusted by what they see. Let’s not show them how low jealousy can make us sink, and revert to a mob mentality.

Leandro, please open this up to those that have dreamt about playing again for 7 years, or pass on the code and character data so we all have a chance to play our beloved game again.

Porcelain Angel

Tee Parsley

Well said!

MV Jakubowsky

I selected Something Else.

My SG has stayed together through it all. We use Forumotion and Discord to RP, plus we have been playing other games, even using Tabletop Simulator on Steam with Discord chat to do regular boardgame nights.

We still play our characters. They never died.

With that in mind, I’m the one of the few who uses Paragon Chat semiregularly (moreso since the basebuilder was resurrected). Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Shroud of the Avatar… many of the newer games have spoiled us on graphics. CoX is dated now.

But, that said, I’d still love a chance to play. My eldest, who only got to play a bit, wishes he could play now. My youngest never got to and I think he’d enjoy it.

CoX brought me and my dearest friends together. It will always hold a place in our hearts. We’d love to play again, but the spiritual successors are coming. We can wait. If Leandro and his team decide to open things up, we’ll be there, and will be willing to donate to the cause.

The absolute vitriol and hatred I have seen across the community the past two days, though, is not the community I remember. We can move past this, I think. I hope.

And Leandro, thank you for keeping the dream alive.

[MSG15 Elite] Elegy

I played CoH from ages 10 to 18 w/ something close to 10k hours, and I miss it dearly. I would’ve given a lot to be able to play on an emu and had heard the rumors about the emu but never found a way in. While it’s aggravating to hear that it had “several thousand” players, I’m also really disappointed that so many people could not keep their mouths shut. From my perspective, all of this information about precisely why the secrecy about projects like this was abundantly available w/ little research effort needed. I understand the grief and longing, especially since so many of the projects post updates and such in places that are kind of a pain to reach, like a subreddit or their own forums or facebook. I only even heard about this article after an unrelated ping in the SEGS discord. At any rate, when the game shut down a lot of y’all older players seemed like y’all had plans. I feel like I’ve put a lot of trust into y’all, and this project, based on the article, seems to have been running about as well as I would’ve hoped. I really can’t understand trying to sabotage it with this level of publicity.

Anyway, now that everything’s donked up, I think they should do a limited release of the code to pass the torch in case the C&D does come down, which I feel like it will now. They could probably also just let more people in now since stuff is way out of the bag and the small playerbase isn’t as critical, so I voted for those two things. Plus, it’d be a good time killer until CoT goes into beta. Send tweet.

[MSG15 Elite] Elegy

lal can’t edit my post anymore. read more about it elsewhere and I think the dude should really release the code now. :)

Westley Bennett

Philotic Knight, Bubbler Extraordinaire, checking in. I chose Release the Code and Something Else, because I want to be able to play in Paragon City again, with my old toons and my old powers, even if it means that I have to play it single player on my own PC, and never get any new content.

With the code, I could accomplish that. Without the code, I’ve got nothing, the same sad nothing that I’ve had for years. A public server where we could all play together again would be ideal, but with that not legally possible, I think we should at least be able to run the game on our own PCs as an abandonware game!

Emil Söderman

After some thought, while I am still (I think rightly) pissed off, I am, on balance, glad the secret clubhouse existed. At least this means the game continued to exist in some form (and likely will continue to do so, given the ease of spreading stuff) and didnt just die at the hands of NCsoft.