city of heroes score drama

Totally lost on the whole City of Heroes rogue server thing? Here’s a recap of all our coverage dating back to the 2019 drama:

City of Heroes’ Homecoming just outlawed video of their rogue servers

Eyebrows in the air this morning, as the largest group of City of Heroes rogue servers, Homecoming, just announced that they'll be cracking down...
Cool times.

City of Heroes Homecoming players have racked up over 47 million hours

You know the old adage that superheroes and statistics go together like... well, nothing? That is, unless you're a stat-themed crusader. Actuarial Man or...
When the light

NCsoft follows up City of Heroes code copyright filing with fresh trademark application

Do you folks remember last summer when we learned that NCsoft had filed copyright documentation for the City of Heroes game code? The June...

Massively OP’s 2019 Awards: Biggest MMO Surprise

Massively Overpowered’s end-of-the-year 2019 awards continue today with our award for Biggest MMO Surprise, which was awarded to the buyouts of Trion Worlds and CCP...

City of Heroes: Homecoming kicks off the winter season in its latest patch

Now that the US has had its Thanksgiving, it's time to look forward to all of the fun in-game wintertime events the MMO gaming...

City of Heroes: Homecoming patches in the third part of Issue 26 with new stories and powers

At long last, City of Heroes players who have been aching for new story content have an option for exactly that with the release of...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming announces Issue 26 Page 3, Halloween content, and collab with other rogue servers

City of Heroes' Homecoming servers, rogue or not, are pushing forward into legitimacy. As we've been covering, the servers, which have been publicly outed...
We got it back, after all.

City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue servers are now blocking copyright-infringing characters

Players on the City of Heroes Homecoming servers enjoyed a privilege they were never afforded during the game's pre-shutdown run time: While NCsoft was draconian...

City of Heroes Homecoming is now banning accounts for… real-money trading

If you thought you could get away with a bit of gold-selling or gold-buying on the side while participating in City of Heroes' rogue...

TonyV leaves City of Heroes NCsoft negotiations, resigns from Titan Network

Over the course of the last few months, following the revelation of working City of Heroes server code out in the wild and the...

City of Heroes: Homecoming plays with Rage crashes, PvP stuns, and Tanker powers on the test server

The PTS for the City of Heroes Homecoming servers is looking to tweak the knobs of the rogue MMO a bit. Yesterday's patch offered...

City of Heroes Homecoming asks players what they want from a licensed server

Now this is an interesting development, and very possibly a hint at things to come, though there's no official confirmation of legitimacy one way...

City of Heroes Homecoming players have rolled almost a million toons to date

I've always said that if I could do one thing in video games - you know, besides what I already love and do -...
Built up

City of Heroes Homecoming adjusts snipes and Dominator powers with the latest patch

Just because City of Heroes' current servers are still rogue server doesn't mean their content will be locked in perpetuity. Case in point: The...

Today’s City of Heroes’ Homecoming patch future-proofs the rogue servers for Mac players

It's patch day for the largest batch of City of Heroes rogue servers, as the Homecoming team has pushed live part of the beta...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming Team finally posted a new beta patch after months of public quiet

Apart from its brief announcement last week, City of Heroes' Homecoming Team has been relatively quiet the past few months. Where once the rogue...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue servers have joined the Titan Network/NCsoft negotiations

Exactly one month ago, tangent to our interview with the Homecoming server team that's part now-flourishing City of Heroes rogue server community, we also...

Catching up with City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue servers as NCsoft negotiations continue

It's been a while since we checked in on the flourishing City of Heroes rogue server community, but it's been busy indeed, with multiple...

One of City of Heroes’ rogue servers, Reborn/Pleiades, was just shut down by its operator

Bad news for a sliver of the the City of Heroes rogue server community tonight: The Reddit-backed Reborn server known as Pleiades has apparently...

City of Heroes: Homecoming hit 100K players as another donation round funds

Just in time for its 100,000th player registration, the City of Heroes rogue server Homecoming team posted up a second donation-drive, raising just under...