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Totally lost on the whole City of Heroes rogue server thing? Here’s a recap of all our coverage dating back to the 2019 drama:

Wow, positive.

Perfect Ten: 10 things I’d love to see added to City of Heroes in the rogue server era

When will the staff here stop talking about City of Heroes? Now that there's actually something to talk about regarding it, probably never. Look, you all...

City of Heroes: Homecoming adds numerical power cooldowns, nerfs Death from Below, adds User Agreement

It's patch day for City of Heroes' Homecoming servers, and it's a fun one as it effectively launches the numerical power cooldown indicators teased...

City of Heroes: Community harassment ramps up as Homecoming counts 91,000 players

What should have been a fun Memorial Day weekend in Paragon City turned into nightmares for some members of the City of Heroes rogue...
This was once controversial!

Perfect Ten: Helpful tips for returning to City of Heroes in 2019

With the (community-led) rebirth of City of Heroes in 2019, a rather interesting problem has arisen for this superhero title: Namely, players who never...

City of Heroes: All the public servers we know of, plus Reddit’s launch and Homecoming’s name release

A new City of Heroes rogue server has joined the chat: Specifically, it's the Reddit-backed server, and it's called Pleiades. It went live at...

City of Heroes: Homecoming concurrency, Rebirth and Reddit’s i24 servers, and the future of basebuilding

I had wondered whether the slow-drip release of World of Warcraft Classic this week would dampen enthusiasm for other games' rogue servers and progression...

City of Heroes: Homecoming’s new home, EU players, multiboxing, SEGS, and… piglets

Good news for players of City of Heroes' Homecoming rogue servers: The planned server moves - from The Netherlands to new destinations in Canada...

City of Heroes rogue server teams activate i24 PTS, prep for tomorrow’s Homecoming server moves

Earlier this week, we covered one of the true-neutral City of Heroes rogue server groups, Ouroboros, and its efforts in restoring the game to...

City of Heroes community forms Round Table as Homecoming rogue servers count over 56,000 players

Multiple City of Heroes groups now say they're working under yet another initiative to bring the rogue server community together. "The Round Table has been...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming servers port to Canada this weekend, server status page is live

The City of Heroes Homecoming servers are packing up their bags and moving to new hosting this weekend, so you should probably expect some...

Leaderboard: Would you donate for a City of Heroes rogue server?

Last night's public announcement that the City of Heroes Homecoming team was changing its stance on donations and felt "comfortable" accepting them now after...

City of Heroes: New servers, Discord drama, and Homecoming gets $6900 in donations in 20 minutes

Just in case you didn't think City of Heroes had enough community rogue servers, here comes another one. The Homecoming team - that's the team...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming rogue servers will offer character transfers after all

The business of saving City of Heroes has now stretched on three weeks since our first article, but it hasn't slowed down a bit. Over...

City of Heroes now has a fifth rogue server live as Homecoming buffs up and work on i24 continues

The 4chan-backed group /coxg/ now has an alternative City of Heroes rogue server up for those who don't want to play on the existing...

City of Heroes’ rogue servers nerf AE farms, boost XP, but can’t do character transfers

If you were planning to abuse the Architect Entertainment system on City of Heroes' Homecoming rogue servers, we hope you already got your...

Two weeks in, City of Heroes has four rogue servers and heartwarmingly massive queues

Two weeks after we first broke the story confirming the City of Heroes secret private server leak, the game has turned 15 years old...

Nearly 30K people have rolled City of Heroes rogue server accounts as the game turns 15 years old

The City of Heroes community's live rogue server, Torchbearer, came online yesterday thanks to player developers and continues today with a new record: over...

Aaaaand now there’s a new temporary City of Heroes rogue server up

This story has been updated several times over the last few days; updates are at the end. The original story follows. Can we just agree...

The Titan Network is negotiating to open a legal community-run City of Heroes server

Following the abrupt shut-down of the first City of Heroes rogue server yesterday, the game's community has been in turmoil as leaders urged patience....

City of Heroes’ first new rogue server shut down over a fake legal threat, but admins say it’s coming back

 It appears that the City of Heroes rogue server that was up in testing all weekend has already run into trouble with what the...