City of Heroes Homecoming players have racked up over 47 million hours

Cool times.

You know the old adage that superheroes and statistics go together like… well, nothing? That is, unless you’re a stat-themed crusader. Actuarial Man or something? Anyway, today we’re going to merge the two because City of Heroes Homecoming has some pretty impressive stats to share with you.

The rogue server claims that it has generated 159,537 new accounts since its release in April 2019. Those players have cumulatively accrued 47.3 million hours of game time in less than a year, which is more than 5,402 years. We’ll speculate that Massively OP readers accounted for at least a quarter of all of that.

More stats! More stats! Well, Homecoming’s 1.2 million created characters tend to skew more toward magic and mutation for their origin and are Brutes, Blasters, Masterminds, and Scrappers more often than not. The least-played? Arachnos Widows and Warshades, which weep quietly and vow revenge upon us all.

In any case, if you love seeing how all of the hours, characters, and classes break down — including a deep delve into the various powersets preferred by players — take a moment to check out this forum thread.


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“The rogue server claims that it has generated 159,537 new accounts since its release in April 2019”

If all those accounts are playing at the moment, that would put the player base larger now than it was during the year pre “Free 2 Play” of the games life (going from NCsoft Q4 2011 financial earnings using $10/month per player to boost the Sub numbers here.)

That… is impressive, especially considering that in 2011, you could realistically peg the paying player base at *most* at 100,000 players in any one given month.

TherecDaMage .

Averages out to close to 300 hours per account. Clearly people are interested in this game returning and aren’t just playing for a few hours then quitting. Wonder why it’s taking so long for NCSoft to pass the game off to the fans.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Cuz they see dollar potential. Either they want to keep control of the IP for future projects or they might even break down and reopen CoH officialy and monetize the bugger out of it.

Does not check email

Clearly a game with no one interested in it.

Castagere Shaikura

And still no word from NCsoft yet?

Chris Meadows

Anything where corporate legal is involved moves like molasses because nobody wants to screw things up. They’ll tell us when they’re good and ready.

For now, take the fact that Homecoming and the other servers are being tacitly permitted to continue to exist as a good sign. If they wanted to shut it all down, they could have done so months ago.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

They’re still working through the negotiations. As soon as it’s all public, we’ll be the first to start cheering. :D