Destiny 2’s Season 10 ushers in the end of Bright Engram lootboxes


With all of the things that were packed into the first 2020 Director’s Cut post from Destiny 2 director Luke Smith, it was maybe easy for a couple of things to slip notice, especially since the thrust of the blog was season changes and weapon longevity plans, but one extremely important item was part of the post: confirmation that Season 10 will effectively kill lootboxes in the shooter.

“For Season 10, we’re doing away with Bright Engrams as purchasable items,” reads the post. “We want players to know what something costs before they buy it. Bright Engrams don’t live up to that principle so we will no longer be selling them on the Eververse Store, though they will still appear on the Free Track of the Season Pass.”

This is part of a number of other things being done in the immediate future of Destiny 2, including better fleshing out of the free-to-play New Light starting experience, categories for Quests, and confirmation that Faction Rallies won’t be making a return. Most of these are expected for Season 10, with the exception of the New Light starting adjustment, which doesn’t have any specific timetable currently. As for Season 10 itself, Smith promises it’s “entering orbit.”


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They were probably pretty bad selling when you get down to it. The biggest complaint I heard from Veterans of the game were that Bright Engrams always contained duplicates because they had all the things in them basically. So after the first handful you get from the Season Pass’s initial levels you more or less had most of the things.

As a New Light player however they were always pretty good to me. I’ve collected almost 70 of them purely from playing the game/leveling and it took a really long time to reach the point I stopped getting new items from them.

The real question is what impact this will have on the Eververse store going forward such as does this mean they are going to be selling even more items each season or do they expect you to just super grind out XP if you want the goods?

Also I didn’t really find New Light that confusing. Honestly you read most of the complaints and it’s basically they didn’t read or pay attention to anything being presented and then complain that it wasn’t ever told to them. Like a common complaint is not being aware how to get to old campaigns but there’s literally a quest step that takes you there and explains the person who gives the old campaigns. What was bad about the New Light I found was the way it led you to old content and kinda implied you had to do it. Like it won’t let you leave EDZ until you reach a power level, meaning it’s implied you should get to that power level doing things on EDZ but that’s kinda a terrible way to play the game.