Destiny 2 brings back Trials of Osiris on March 13, talks about changes to Seasons and weapon longevity


Destiny 2 is moving ever onward with the new and now, though some of its newest is actually a bit old. Remember when datamining found out that the Trials of Osiris PvP mode from the first game was due to come back? Well, we now have a confirmed date for that comeback of Friday, March 13th. Trials of Osiris is the headline feature of the new Season of the Worthy update, and its bringing along with it beloved maps, armors, and weapons from the original game mode.

Looking ahead is also the subject of game director Luke Smith’s latest edition of the Director’s Cut blog, where he talks about plans for what the next year of seasons is bringing to the table. Effectively, the team wants Destiny 2 to feel more like an evolving world instead of a series of events that simply fade away, bringing more season rewards into the game’s core activities like Crucible or Strike playlists. “This year’s version of Seasons has too much FOMO in them. We want to fix this, and next year’s Seasons will have less,” Smith assures fans.

The blog also addresses how the team will be working on making Legendary weapons not feel like they need to stay in the game forever in order to keep things feeling fresh. The goal is to give Legendary weapons a lifespan of around 9 to 15 months. Like his usual blogs, it’s a rather wordy read, but it’s worth the effort for fans to get some insight on where things could be going.

sources: press release, Cheers, Ark.
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