Coronavirus drives DCUO to beg off a ComicCon, but E3 planning is ‘full speed’ ahead


When the “impact of the coronavirus on gaming” stories pile up into a roundup, you know it’s bad news.

First, Daybreak and Dimensional Ink announced last night that they’ve pulled DC Universe Online from the Seattle Comic Con event, which runs from March 12th and March 15th and has not yet been canceled in spite of Washington’s current state of emergency. “As a heads up, DCUO will not attend Emerald City Comic Con later this month as we had planned,” Daybreak writes. “Nothing against the con, just limiting travel.” The company didn’t specifically mention the virus, but it seems like the obvious conclusion, given that Washington is the site of the biggest outbreak thus far in the US.

Second, MMO Culture reports that an employee of South Korea’s Eyedentity Games – they focus on Dragon Nest – contracted the virus at least a week ago and is recovering at home in self-quarantine along with family.

Finally, in spite of the cancellation of events like GDC and EVE Fanfest this spring, the organizers of E3 say they aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. “Everyone is watching the situation very closely,” the ESA told Vice on Friday. “We will continue to be vigilant, as our first priority is the health, wellness and safety of all of our exhibitors and attendees. Given what we know at this time, we are moving ahead full speed with E3 2020 planning. Exhibit and registration sales are on track for an exciting show in June.” Twitter heckling ensues.

More on the impact of the virus on gaming:


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Absolutely 100% limit travel. The long incubation period of this thing means a lot of people have it already who have no clue.

And while “only” 2.6% may die from it, considering the number of people it spreads through and how we aren’t prepared for it the way we prepare for the flu and such, that’s going to be 2.6% too many. Especially if it’s one of your loved ones.

Basically, the areas these cons are in are the areas where the virus has been confirmed to be already in the US.

Sorry real-life Conventions, this isn’t your year.

DM Taps

I work in the convention industry and this virus is devastating us. Group after group is canceling. Unfortunately, this will have a huge ripple effect on everything else – restaurant dining, retail, hospitality, casino gaming, etc. I just pray this doesn’t turn into another 2008 for the economy and industry.