City of Heroes: Homecoming patches in the third part of Issue 26 with new stories and powers


At long last, City of Heroes players who have been aching for new story content have an option for exactly that with the release of the Homecoming Issue 26, page 3 patch. Granted, it’s two new storylines, targeting either vigilante or rogue characters (in the process of moving from hero to villain or vice-versa), but there’s something truly nostalgic about seeing new story arcs being added to the game after so many years. It’s enough to almost make you miss the addition of the new Force of Will Origin Power Pool, or the improvements to the LFG queue option.

The patch also includes the new Halloween event, which is available in the game now since the month of Halloween has already begun. (Technically the greater Halloween season runs from August 1st until April 30th with a one-day break on December 25th, but that’s a bit long for a seasonal event.) There are even new Halloween contests coming up with special in-game rewards. So if you’ve been enjoying a chance to play CoH again but had the vague sense that you’ve already seen everything that the game had to offer… well, here’s some new stuff for you to enjoy after all.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

NCSoft should totally sign up to this. They are the ones losing out, not the CoH fans. Meh.