City of Heroes’ Homecoming announces Issue 26 Page 3, Halloween content, and collab with other rogue servers


City of Heroes’ Homecoming servers, rogue or not, are pushing forward into legitimacy. As we’ve been covering, the servers, which have been publicly outed as part of the NCsoft negotiations, have been banning RMT bots, blocking copyright-infringers, and pondering the future of a licensed server. And now we’ve gotten both a new letter from the team as well as patch notes for the game’s next big thing.

Notably, the dev letter says that player feedback shows that players are most keen to see new costumes, new powers, new content (especially endgame content), powerset balance, Mastermind options, and of course, “protection from server closure.” It’s also been made public now that Homecoming is working with multiple servers and has plans to collab with more (a big change from earlier this summer):

“Our goal, as always, remains the same: To ensure the community can continue playing the game for many years to come without fear of an imminent shut-down. We are also committed to continuing with our 100% free, not-for-profit, donation-driven model. As part of this, we’re now collaborating not only with The Titan Network, but also the Victory and Resurgence servers, and it’s our intention to invite more servers to the table in the coming months.”

As for the patch itself, the team explains that it’ll be “releasing content in smaller chunks” called pages, “which are bound together into larger collections / storylines” – the existing larger-scale issues. “Pages 1 & 2 were mainly maintenance & quality of life updates, but 3 is our first major content release,” the team says.

Patch notes for i26p3 have just this afternoon hit the beta forums, where the team has revealed that the Halloween trick-or-treating event, the Dr. Kane’s Mansion content, and the Halloween vendors have been resurrected. “Eternal night has fallen and the Deadly Apocalypse is upon us!”

Story/quest fans can also look forward to a pair of brand-new story arcs “written by Holymittens, a professional video game writer” (not kidding) and aimed specifically at Rogue and Vigilante toons.

Finally, there’s a new Origin Power Pool called Force of Will. Do note that this is all live on the beta server right now but is expected to hit the live servers on Tuesday.

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