ArcheAge Unchained links up former fresh start servers’ PvP, auction halls, and more


As we all know, that “fresh character” smell can’t last forever — and neither can a fresh start server. ArcheAge is famous for rolling these brand-new servers out of the door, but have you ever wondered what happens to them after they’ve been around for a while? Other than being abandoned for the latest new thing, that is.

Well, now you can find out first-hand, as Gamigo is linking up (but not technically merging) two of its former fresh start servers in a “graduation” of sorts. The ArcheAge Unchained servers Godfrey (NA) and Carmila (EU), which were started up last year, will shed their fresh start label this week and connect their matchmaking and auction house services.

“Things like dungeons, PvP instances, and more will now include players from the other servers instead of only other fresh start players,” the company said. “Additionally, auction houses will be combined with the other servers of their region, allowing for more goods to be bought and sold throughout NA and EU.”

A server merge by any other name would function so sweet…?

Source: ArcheAge

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When they launched the new non-p2w servers awhile back, I started playing again. Lost interest at some point, same thing with my brother. They merged our server and all housing was pulled up. Didn’t bother logging in for a few days but did to collect my houses and such that was mailed to me. I looked around and all the land was barren. Looked like no one bothered to log in and replace their houses. it had been a pretty popular area and anytime a house dropped, it was quickly replaced.