Space Punks updates talent trees, revamps the main hub, and introduces gear upgrading in recent patch


When I took a livestreamed first look at Space Punks, the early access multiplayer looter shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex, I came away a bit underwhelmed by the amount of content in the game’s initial build, which was extremely shallow — particularly for the $30 asking price. As of recently, however, things are improving just a little bit with the game’s Talented One update.

This new update, as its title suggests, overhauls the game’s talent trees that expands the system to include 126 different talents to choose from, promising more customization options for utility, tanking, or outright damage dealing. The other marquee feature of the update is the addition of gear upgrading, which lets players take the material they loot and cash they find to upgrade their favorite weapons.

The update is also introducing a variety of other updates like a redesign of the Devil’s Gambit player hub, the return of companions, and a host of bug fixes and other changes. The patch notes are available to read on Reddit of all places. And if you’re curious about this one, you can either check out the official video below or check out our livestream.

source: press release
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