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Whatever happened to Space Punks, ReWorld Online, and Shattered Galaxy?

Welcome back to another trio of games that needs a second look here in Whatever Happened To! Space Punks: Space Punks is the Jagex-published looter-shooter...

Multiplayer shooter ARPG Space Punks adds a new planet and tweaks respawning in latest update

Remember Space Punks? It's the multiplayer ARPG looter shooter being developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex; the game entered paid-for early...

Not So Massively: Enduring Space Punks’ sensory onslaught

I've been meaning to check out Space Punks, the new isometric shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex, since it launched its...

The Stream Team: Checking up on the open beta of Space Punks

Last time he was in the OARPG Space Punks, MOP's Chris was... not very impressed. However, that was last August, and the game has...

Space Punks goes free-to-play and hits open beta with today’s Cracked One update

Jagex's scoring another win today as it joins developer Flying Wild Hog in pushing Space Punks into open beta. Space Punks is a top-down...

Looter shooter Space Punks revamps crafting in early access

Jagex's and Flying Wild Hog's action RPG with a 'tude, Space Punks, is taking a break from its high-powered rampages to get a little...

Space Punks updates talent trees, revamps the main hub, and introduces gear upgrading in recent patch

When I took a livestreamed first look at Space Punks, the early access multiplayer looter shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex,...

The Stream Team: Causing some trouble in Space Punks’ early access

A fair number of new games cross our desk over the course of any given news week, but the whole vibe of Jagex-published Space...

Space Punks is a top-down multiplayer looter shooter that promises a ‘living, breathing, ever-changing game world’

Two things struck me when I was watching the reveal trailer for Space Punks: One, the game basically looks like a Borderlands ARPG; and...