Space Punks is a top-down multiplayer looter shooter that promises a ‘living, breathing, ever-changing game world’


Two things struck me when I was watching the reveal trailer for Space Punks: One, the game basically looks like a Borderlands ARPG; and two, I hadn’t heard that particular Offspring song in a long while. Oh, also, the game looks like a pretty good time.

Space Punks comes to us from developer Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the Shadow Warrior FPS titles and the upcoming side-scrolling action game Trek to Yomi, and publisher Jagex Partners, marking Jagex’s first-ever third-party release. As for the game itself, gameplay offers top-down run-and-gun gameplay reminiscent of any number of ARPGs that sees players take control one of four different characters, while promising “a living, breathing, and ever-changing game world – a true living game built in line with Flying Wild Hog’s creative mission to make action-packed, fast-paced, and wholeheartedly unique titles that transport players into unexpected and exciting new worlds.”

Space Punks is set to land on early access for PC on July 14th, with an open beta planned for the winter season and a console release sometime in 2022. In the meantime, you can get a look at this game’s whole deal in the trailer below.

source: press release
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