Whatever happened to Space Punks, ReWorld Online, and Shattered Galaxy?


Welcome back to another trio of games that needs a second look here in Whatever Happened To!

Space Punks: Space Punks is the Jagex-published looter-shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog that hit early access in 2021 and open beta in 2022. But there it’s sat ever since, with its last update coming in February. That update buffed the game’s visual qualities, polished the tutorial, and added a range of bugfixes, and the game’s Discord population seems hoppin’ in spite of a massive drama over single-player and matchmaking, but there doesn’t seem to be any push to make it to a real launch any time soon.

ReWorld Online: ReWorld is actually a game we’ve covered before in Whatever Happened To. Back in 2020, the game was actually three linked titles: an MMORPG, a multiplayer adventure game, and a PvP arena game. Studio Qwerty’s lead dev expressed concern at the time that the games would struggle with funding and that he would need to work on other games to keep it all afloat, and it appears that in the last few years, that’s exactly what happened. The studio switched gears to working on a single-player game called Brinefall. “If it goes well I hope it will help to grow a bit,” the dev wrote back in January. But if that is going on, it’s not being communicated right now.

Shattered Galaxy: Shattered Galaxy might be one of the older MMOs we’ve covered in this mini-column. Readers might recall it from Justin’s Game Archaeologist column, which recounted the MMORTS’ history since its launch in 2001 and explained why it never rose to prominence in the west. It still exists here, however, even though it’s long since closed down overseas, and though its last big update was apparently in 2006, there are still players in it. According to Redditors, there’s a small crew of gamers trying to get large-scale wars going again. “Battles still happening daily,” one player crowed a few weeks back. In other words, game’s up, and if you ever wanted to see what this game was about, this might be your moment.

Let us know about any other games we ought to check back in on!

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