DC Universe Online teases Justice League Dark Cursed, announces PS5 and Xbox X|S launches

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You have to appreciate that the developers of DC Universe Online post their plans with a quick summation of the big news points right up front. Episode 46 is Justice League Dark Cursed (not to be confused with the off-brand version, Righteousness Organization Shadowy Hexed), and the game is launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S during the holiday season, with full crossplay. Granted, you can already play it there thanks to backwards compatibility, but this is the formal launch. Everybody wins!

“Heading into the rest of the year, we have a full slate,” Daybreak says. “We just saw the start of the Save the Universe event (up-leveled classic content with modern challenge), which runs into September, and this week we will see the new Blue Beetle ally. The Homecoming event then arrives in September, followed by the Witching Hour in October and Season’s Greedings in December. We’ll of course have new allies, artifacts, and time capsules, too. Most importantly, we have two major announcements to round out this development update. Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed will launch this October and DC Universe Online will launch on latest-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season!”

As for Episode 46 itself, it includes normal and elite On Duty content, open-world missions, a solo, an alert, a raid, all the key DC characters, new loot, and a “storyline [that] will follow the events of and serve as an indirect sequel to the acclaimed Episode 34: Justice League Dark.”

“A powerful curse is burning through the world’s most powerful magic users, escalating their powers to dangerously violent extremes! Hoping Batman can take on the hard work, John Constantine’s transported his House of Mystery to overlook Gotham Cemetery, where he and it are now under attack. Who – or what – is the source of this terrible curse? Is magic itself doomed? Will Constantine’s cheeky imposition land him in hot water with the Caped Crusader? Constantine and Zatanna have personally asked for your help. In JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK CURSED, players will join forces with Batman and members of the Justice League Dark to put an end to this threat to all magic.”

For those of you who want more, of course, there is certainly more to read, including a summation of the year to date as well as an explanation of how these plans will shake out over the coming months. Of course, plans can always change, so it’s possible that some of these releases will be delayed, but this is the current itinerary. Please stock up on your anti-curse supplies for the next episode of the game.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Lunar!
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