Mabinogi prepares to merge four servers down to two on June 3


If you’re a player in Nexon’s long-running MMO sandbox Mabinogi, you’re going to want to hear what the company is planning for the game’s community: server merges.

“After much discussion between our team here at Nexon America, and our partners in Nexon Korea, we’ve decided to merge three of the four servers into one,” Nexon posted this week. “Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach will be merged together into a new server, the Nao server. The anticipated server merge date is Monday, June 3rd, and we expect the game to be down for long hours to make ample time for merging the data and testing. The decision to merge these three servers was not made lightly, and the biggest factor in this is that we wish to ensure a healthy server population and environment.”

It sounds as if the goal is to make the new Nao server roughly equal in population to Alexina, which is the healthiest server right now. Duplicate character and Homestead names will apparently be resolved with server suffixes, inactive accounts will indeed be merged even if you do nothing, and guilds and guild names will remain intact, though the company recommends players pull their items and bids from the auction hall and shop inventories before the big day.

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