Blade & Soul’s Legends Reborn is live today as NCsoft merges western servers down to two

We're legends! Maybe.

It’s time to be legendary in Blade and Soul, or at least adjacent to the rebirth of legends. Or something like that, as the Legends Reborn update in the game is live today and brings along a whole lot of updates to the game as a whole. At the time you read this the game’s update should already be live, but even if you’re stuck at work and can’t actually check on that for several more hours, you’ve got a fresh set of patch notes to keep you warm.

The centerpiece of the event is taking on the new event dungeons, earning powerful rewards for fighting against vicious new bosses. There’s also the Bloomtime Jackpot event, complete with new costumes, and a variety of system and mechanical changes to give players fresh reward options and less randomness in what you pick up. Check out the full patch notes now to be ready when you can jump in and start slashing away.

Meanwhile, NCsoft announced today that it’s merging servers on April 24 “to unify the raiding population in preparation for future content.” The two North American servers will merge into a single shard, Yura, while the three European servers will merge into Jinsoyun.

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