Elyon details February server merge, patches in Lunar New Year event and season pass

Specter of fun.

When the server merge happens for Elyon on February 16th, there are oh so many reasons why your character might be deleted. Do you have more characters than you have available slots for them? Then some of your characters will need to be deleted before you can log in (and hopefully you already sent items to other characters). Do you have a character on the other faction now merged on the same server? That character might be deleted if they haven’t advanced far enough in quests. If you have certain quests in progress, those will be deleted. Sounds great!

Of course, you also have some time before February 16th to prepare for all of this, along with outlines of how player storage space will be respected, how housing will be preserved (it won’t), and how overall clan structure will change. Check out the full rundown whether you’re a player full up on characters on various servers or you’re content with just one character in the game; all these changes will affect you no matter what you focus on.

In other Elyon news, today’s patch unleashes the game’s Lunar New Year event and adds the Elyon Pass.

“The Elyon Pass is a new system that provides you with rewards by completing various in-game activities. There are two reward tracks – Free and Premium. Items in the Free track are available to all players, while the ones in the Premium track can be unlocked by purchasing an Elyon Pass Premium Ticket from the Ruby Shop. The reward cycle is always based on the current month, from the first until the last day. Elyon Pass Premium Tickets are only valid for the month indicated in their name. […] For February 2022, the highlight of Premium Elyon Pass is a new type of Luminus: Andromeda Constellation (Grade 1)!”

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