Final Fantasy XIV deals with character transfer congestion after re-opening the service

Congestion? In Final Fantasy XIV? It's more likely than you think.

And the rest.

The opening of the Oceania data center forĀ Final Fantasy XIV meant opening up the ability for players to transfer their characters across the game’s various data centers because of course that happened. If you’ve been one of the players waiting eagerly for a local server to play on, you want to be able to move your character, naturally. Unfortunately, the sheer influx of requests has meant that the service is currently congested and character transfers are taking longer than normal, although they are still going through properly in the order that the requests were received. So you may need to be more patient, but it is happening.

Players are also reminded that they have to access the data center they wish to transfer to before the transfer can go through, which is resulting in some errors for players seeking a transfer to Oceania’s data center without having actually accessed it. This is less than ideal, but luckily the fix is quick; you just need to access the data center and get to the character select screen for the system to flag you appropriately. Just make sure to do that before requesting a transfer, not after.

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