PlanetSide 2’s long-delayed Oshur continent is officially online today for PC players


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and PlanetSide 2’s new continent of Oshur wasn’t either; in fact, it took the devs at Daybreak’s Rogue Planet Games about three years from initial announcement to resume active development. Now, the long wait is finally over for PC players, and Oshur is now available to fight over.

“Oshur was designed with an emphasis on logistics and diversity of gameplay. The towering Trident Relays necessitate air support and quick responses, the lattice has deliberate and strategic cutoffs for squad and platoon leaders to pursue, the beachheads and mid-field bases carve a meaningful role for construction; the open savannahs, sandy beaches, and tropical jungles foster vehicle battles and heavy armor usage; and the hand-crafted designer-driven bases create unique and learnable gameplay spaces for hardened infantry veterans. With this new island battleground, there is something to enjoy no matter your style of gameplay.”

The new patch introduces Oshur-associated updates like new underwater mechanics, new underwater weapons, some new facilities, and the second chapter of the Distant Shores campaign complete with new directives. Overall changes further include lowered friendly fire damage and faster friendly fire grief decay, several quality-of-life changes to construction, and a number of infantry balance tweaks.

The update post closes with the promise of an update roadmap sometime in February (instead of this month as originally expected) and the hint of a big celebration to mark PS2’s 10th anniversary.

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