There’s a brand-new continent coming to PlanetSide 2


For those concerned that PlanetSide 2’s development had slowed to a standstill, here’s some encouragement: Daybreak has a brand-new continent in the works for future warriors to fight over.

“Today, the team announced PlanetSide 2’s next continent: Oshur,” Daybreak announced. “Oshur will consist of multiple islands and a variety of biomes, and will best be traversed by aircraft. We’ll be sharing more about the continent as we continue development, so stay tuned!”

PlanetSide 2 recently made an effort to promote the lore that, despite common belief, actually exists in the game. Hear the developers talk about Oshur in this week’s livestream after the break!

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That’s good news, but who’s there to care?


As a long time Planetside fan, when I hear “continent of islands” I think of Cyssor. I’m not sure why they’re so reluctant to implement that continent, it was home to some of my most memorable fights in the original game.

In the video they even say it plays most like Cyssor from PS1, so why not just call it that?


Back in 2012 I said “One Continent per year” and I was right. lmao. I like Planetside 2 I really hope it stays for a while. Weren’t there like 10 continents in Planetside 1?. Its kinda sad I really hope PS2 stays here for long. I really like it.


There were more contents in Planetside 1, but it’s important to remember that they’re a fraction of the complexity. Planetside 2’s continents are entirely unique from one to the next. They’re all hand constructed, and every base has a different, unique layout. Where every single base in Planetside 1 was identical to the next, at least in the (what?) three versions there were through the whole game.

Castagere Shaikura

Was wondering if Daybreak would say hey look at all the popular online shooters out there now. We have one of the original IP’s. Maybe we should pay attention to it.

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Jack Pipsam

*Every swear-word I can think of* WHAT? I honestly never-ever thought we’d ever see another continent in this game again. I mean the ‘development’ of Searhus has been in limbo forever.
From what we know, the work it requires to make (or even modify/reworking) a continent is a gigantic undertaking at the best of times, let alone… well their resources now.
Perhaps they’ve figured out a new way of approaching it, which would be outstanding. In the video he mentioned four-days to make that, so it’s very encouraging.
I mean since launch in 2012, they’ve only added in one new continent for a grand total of four. So a fifth would be game-changing for the community.

Then again, it’s Daybreak, so getting hopes up and becoming excited is basically one giant jinx.
Or they’ll end up making it and not actually advertise it properly. I mean this video isn’t exactly a grand announcement, which is fine this early in development. But if they release it without screaming from the rooftops, then that’ll just be Daybreak being Daybreak.

If they play their cards right, then launching Oshur along with as many improvements/polish they can do with the rest of the game can act as one giant re-advertisement for the game to get players back, at least for a little while. Afterall, most wouldn’t even know about the construction system in the game (from what I understand to be PC only at this point, maybe they need to fast-track that for PS4 so they launch both that and the map together on the platform). Perhaps leverage some of that Jace Hall marketing know-how while he’s knocking about the halls.

Still, cannot help but have my fingers-crossed on this one. It’s a fools hope, but a hope nonetheless.


New continent….yay!!….best traversed by aircraft….well, crap.