PlanetSide 2 will merge the Australian server with the Japanese server on August 27


If you happen to be an Aussie who likes to play PlanetSide 2, listen up: Your regional server is about to be merged and put down. On Tuesday, August 27th, at 9:00 a.m. EDT, the Briggs server will merge with the Japanese SolTech server. That same morning, there will be a character transfer window opened between SolTech and the US West Connery server until Monday, September 30th, should players wish to make the migration.

According to the forum post announcing the merge, the population on Briggs was too small to justify the operating costs. “We appreciate the support the game has received from all of the Briggs players and hope they will continue to play PlanetSide 2 on either SolTech or Connery servers for the foreseeable future,” Daybreak says. “Our apologies if this announcement seems a bit late, we spent a very long time weighing all our options as to how best to proceed.”


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Jack Pipsam

AKA, just me.

I’m not actually mad for once, they kept the Australian server up for seven-years, that’s far longer than most bother, if they bother at all.
For a long time I’ve used it as a rare point of praise for Daybreak, they stuck with it.
If the ANZ population had stuck with Briggs it would still on today, but hundreds and hundreds have been bleeding for years now.
3/4th of the small active population just up and left the server earlier this year when they opened up temporary migration to Connery, what was left wasn’t much at all.
I reckon at our peak time at least 300-500 or so Australians play Planetside 2, but they’re all on Connery lol.

The ping isn’t the worst in the world, I’ve made a character on Connery and I’ll transfer over to that because SolTech’s ping is actually worse for me.
The jump from 35 ping to 250+ is not without lack of notice for an FPS.
I’ve always thought I might leave PS2 when Briggs shuts-down, I think for the longest time Briggs was kept online out of fear we’d all just leave. I’ll probably keep playing lol.

R.I.P Briggs, you were a mad, sad, but beautiful ride. Great ping. Plenty of swearing.

PS. Shutting it down at the same time as WoW Classic comes out is rather annoying though, making me choose to give it one last play vs playing WoW Classic.
That said, there’s some posts on the general PS2 Reddit that a bunch of international players might make a quick alt just to play on the server in the last couple of hours to give it a real send-off battle, the kind Briggs hasn’t seen in years.
If that’s the case then heck yeah I’ll send Briggs off over WoW Classic.
I hope Daybreak pushes the community event to the top of the Reddit, send Briggs off with one last mad-lad bang.

Mick the Barbarian

What? So not only do they merge servers with no common language, they send Aussies to a server that has even a worse ping than West Coast US?

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Jack Pipsam

From what I gather, if you live in Queensland you get better ping on SolTech, but if you’re from say Victoria where I am, then Connery has better ping.
I suspect it’s got to do with the sea-cable actual connections zipping around the Earth.