Whatever happened to the Jane Austen MMO Ever, Jane?


Don’t worry – Ever, Jane is as fine as ever. But it popped back on our team’s radar this week as a game we haven’t checked in on for a while, so we decided to do just that.

MMO players will recall that Ever, Jane is the Jane Austen universe MMO with a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and social gameplay. Like a lot of indie MMOs, it’s long since missed its original launch window and is currently still in open beta. Its last big update landed back in January, after 3 Turn Productions declared the game “feature complete.” That update cleaned up the code, buffed customer support, and polished housing. 3 Turn also warned that patches from the indie team would be slowing down as the devs working on the game had diminished to just two people.

“With a team of 9 people we were able to put patches out quarterly, but now that all the artwork is complete, though not all yet in game, the team is down to two people who will complete the polish and adding of content prior to launch,” the studio wrote. “With a smaller team we plan on a slower patch schedule. We will loosely aim for a patch every 6 mos., more if a feature is sufficiently polished to warrant getting it out sooner.”

Subsequent dev messages, it seems, have been posted over on Facebook rather than the official site or forums. There’s a pitch video, work on framerate improvements, QA server testing, database efforts, and then most recently, less than a month ago, a notice of delay: “The current patch got delayed when I removed a hack from 2016 which got that patch out but would bite us later. Apparently it’s later, it bit us, and removing it uncovered an ugly mess I am sorting through now.”

So there you go: Ever, Jane is still under development.


Here’s a recap of our Ever, Jane coverage since 2015!

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