Ever, Jane eyes a new update, overhauls forums and website


We haven’t checked in with pre-eminent roleplaying MMORPG Ever, Jane in a long time – since last summer, in fact – but the game, as it turns out, has been humming right along in in beta.

You’ll recall that in autumn of 2016, the Jane Austen-themed social MMO had launched into open beta with loads of quest and lag bugs repaired, special events in October, proximity chat, login stability, and new content. In December of that year, studio 3 Turn Productions rolled out the 3.1 update with the home ownership system. A year ago, update 4 hit the server with even more housing as well as horseback riding and carriages. And then… well, that’s the last newsletter on the official site, though we covered the card-playing update this past summer.

But maybe something is in the works. Two months ago, a developer posted to the forums in response to a player question the following cryptic message: “We hope to have another patch out this quarter but at the moment we do not have a time for a final release date.” And two weeks ago, the forums went read-only “in preparation for [the game’s] new website.” Something to keep an eye and ear on!


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Outstanding. Keep up the good work, Ever, Jane!